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Why Many People Like The Grey Oaks Naples Golf Course

There is a place called Grey Oaks in the city of Naples. This is located on the West Coast of Florida. It is well-known for its extravagant homes, some of which are multimillion dollar properties. However, what this complexes most known for are the three golf courses that are there. Golf course architects Clifton & Ezell crafted them. They are pristine, some of which are regarded as the toughest in all of Florida condos, and they inspire people to try to get a membership. This is an overview of the Grey Oaks Naples golf course and why you may want to consider playing on this at some point in time. Find out more from realtor sites handled by search engine optimization Naples Fl.

The Three Championship Golf Courses

The three golf courses that are at Gray Oaks are considered to be championship golf courses. They are designed in very different ways. One of them, called The Pine Course, is regarded as one of the five toughest in the state. The other two are referred to as the Palm Course and the Estuary Course, both of which are extremely difficult as well. They are integrated within the natural surroundings, complete with freshwater lakes, rock formations, and lagoons. There are even sandy beaches on some of them, and exotic grasses can be seen in all directions. These are fantastic the golf courses that many people like to play on, but they do come with the price of membership.

How Much Does It Cost To Play On These Courses?

Playing on these courses do require that you have a membership. This is very similar to many of the other golf courses that are in country club settings. The price to play on these three golf courses is $150,000 for a full golf membership fee. You are also responsible for annual membership dues that are about $15,000. These courses are relatively new, with the oldest one being created back in 1993. They are certainly worth the money to play on them, at least from the perspective of those that live in Naples and realize how extraordinary these golf courses are.

What If You Want To Live In this community?

If you decide to live here, there are just under 1000 homes that you can purchase. There are both condominiums and single-family homes, most of which are priced in the millions. According to membership statistics, there are still many openings for people that would like to pay to play golf at these golf courses. Some people would want to imagine that you could wake up in the morning and within a few minutes start playing golf on one of these three championship golf courses. This is a dream come true for both people with young families, and retirees, who love the game of golf. Getting a good realtor info to help you out on this endeavor is advised.

How To Find Out If There Are Homes Available

There are so many homes available at these golfing communities, and there will likely be a few that are in your price range at Grey Oaks. If you don’t have several million dollars to purchase one, there is probably one that is priced around the million dollar range that you could purchase. It is indeed a place for those that are affluent. Not everyone can afford to live in such a community. If you are fortunate enough to get both a house and a full golf membership, you will see why many people recommend this location. Also it is important to check schools that are nearby for your kids.

The Grey Oaks Naples golf courses are indeed some of the best in the state. They are designed for professional level play. Even if you are not an avid golfer, you will undoubtedly want to play on these golf courses at least one time if you happen to be in Naples. If you do get a membership, you will be able to play all the time, plus you might even be able to find a house. It’s one of the premier locations in Naples for those that enjoy the country club lifestyle and playing a great game of golf.

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