Private Investigation Services


Miami Protection is the premier source for investigative services, surveillance and information nationwide. We perform a variety of investigative services and searches to obtain just about any information you may think of on any person or business. Our site is build by a trusted company to give you all the information that you need. Naples FL web design manages the website of this private investigation services.
We investigate the identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations, associations, movements, and whereabouts of just about any person including – employees, business partners, spouses, boy/girlfriends, relatives, debtors, witnesses, etc.

All investigations are conducted by professional investigators who are experts on how to get the information or evidence you need quickly and accurately…
Our clients include attorneys, private investigators, bail bondsmen, process servers, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies and the general public.

Requesting investigative services or record searches has never been easier than using our web site. Give us a try and get the facts today.

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General Private Investigation Services include:

Infidelity / Spouse Checks
Child Custody Investigations
Civil, Criminal, & Domestic Investigations
Locate Persons
Background Checks
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Hidden Video Cameras
Installation of Security Cameras / CCTV
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures (De-Bugging)
Divorce / Domestic Investigations
Parental Kidnapping Investigations
Mate Screening
Security Consulting
Computer & Internet Security Services
Workers Compensation Investigations
Personal Injury
Personal Liability
Witness Statements
Locate Defendants
Intelligence Gathering
Undercover Operations
Competitor Intelligence Gathering
Internal Investigations
Witnesses Located
Obtain Recorded or Sworn Statements
Process Serving